Exit School of Architecture

Exhibition architecture and furniture design, 2017

The Exit School of Architecture -project examines emerging narrative practices in Finnish architecture, with a focus on participatory design. The architecture of the exhibition takes the form of an unfolding book, taking apart divergent histories and multiple viewpoints on architecture in order to weave them back together to form a new whole. In the spirit of the projects exhibited, the exhibition transforms its location in a bustling public foyer into a place to linger, inviting the visitor to pull up a chair and contemplate their surroundings.

The Exit School of Architecture -project was developed in Aalto University by the Department of Architecture and Group X. The project was exhibited in Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University, as part of the Helsinki Design Week 2017 official programme.

Project team: Johanna Brummer
Client: Group X, Aalto University Department of Architecture

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